8. Why do you claim the plan has violated the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act?

Environmental Assessment (EA) is used to evaluate whether a project is needed, what the other options are, what could go wrong, and whether positive or negative outcomes can be accurately predicted [1].

In a direct affront to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) refused to consider or adequately address six requirements in the EA of the deep geologic repository (DGR): (1) alternative sites, (2) alternative means, (3) evidence-based science, (4) critical health and safety issues, (5) need/ cost, and (6) international obligations [2].

For more information: http://www.sosgreatlakes.org/news-1/2016/10/12/accidents-malfunctions-malevolent-acts-and-related-contingency-plans-thirty-examples-of-failure-to-properly-consider

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