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Thank You

We sincerely appreciate your interest and hope you take a few moments to learn about a grave threat that is facing those living in and around the Great Lake Basin.

Why We're Here

We’re here to fight OPG’s DGR plan that is more motivated by providing a quick solution for nuclear waste management than by concern for the safety and objections of those who will live with the consequences - forever.

Ontario Power Generation & The Great Lakes

Ontario Power Generation plans to build a nuclear waste dump on the shore of Lake Huron, the central of the five Great Lakes that provide drinking water to 40 million people. This dump would hold more than 200,000 cubic meters of low and intermediate level nuclear waste. Intermediate waste can include reactor parts that are as radioactive as the high level spent nuclear fuel and would remain dangerously radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. If that material leaked, as it has from every other underground nuclear waste dump in the world, it could enter the Great Lakes, potentially causing unimaginable damage to the largest supply of fresh water in the world.

At Stake

Drinking water could be contaminated forever, waterways could become inaccessible, farmers could lose access to fresh water, and the entire Great Lake basin ecosystem as we know it could cease to exist.

With your help we will stop this dump. Please consider contributing.

We are committed to ending this radioactive threat to the Great Lakes by bringing this to the attention of the millions of people who love this international treasure, understand its importance as a strategic resource for both Canada and the United States and for those who rely on them to live.