SOS Great Lakes Comments on OPG's Additional Information

After considering the Joint Review Panel Environmental Assessment Report for the Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Waste, the Honourable Catherine McKenna requested additional information before making her environmental assessment decision. 

OPG had 11 months to respond to the Minister's request. In December 2016, they submitted their report. (To read the full report, click here.)

In January 2017, the CEAA "invite[d] the public, Indigenous groups, and governments to review and comment on the additional information [submitted by OPG]". 

On March 6, 2017, SOS Great Lakes submitted a thorough investigation of OPG's additional information.

The Submission: 

Our Submission to the Minister is comprised of commentary in chapter format relating each of the three primary questions sent to OPG by the Minister in February 2016. Each of our chapters has been written by one of our members. We have been assisted in our submission by Mr. John Jackson, hired through the CEAA Participant Funding Program, to prepare commentary on OPGs Cumulative Effects Analysis.

The topics discussed include: commentary on OPG’s Study of Alternate Locations, the Cumulative Effects Analysis of the DGR for L&ILW in Kincardine, in combination with 3 potential APM used fuel DGRs in the one of the communities of Huron- Kinloss, South Bruce, and Central Huron, and the OPG Mitigation Measures Report.

OPG Has Submitted a Flawed Environmental Assessment. In December 2016,

OPG has presented a deeply flawed addition to its deeply flawed Environmental Impact Statement. We urge the Minister to reject the EA for OPGs Deep Geologic Repository and to reject the licensing of the DGR at Kincardine.

To read the full submission, click here.