June 21, 2016 - It’s time to speak up. Let your voice be heard.

SOS Great Lakes

It’s time to speak up. Let your voice be heard.
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In April, Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change, received a schedule from Ontario Power Generation indicating that they will submit the information on their proposed nuclear waste deep geologic repository by the end of this year. If we are to successfully oppose OPG’s plan to build a nuclear waste dump on the shore of Lake Huron, we have to move quickly.


The good news is, we are prepared.

If you are willing to lend us your voice and help us share our information, we believe we can prevent this threat from becoming a reality. We are writing now to bring you up to date on our strategy and to show you how you can make your voice heard in this important discussion.


We changed our name.

Formerly known as SOS Save Our Saugeen Shores, we are now known as SOS Great Lakes. Our original name served us well when we were fighting the idea of a high level nuclear waste dump in Saugeen Shores. The issue now is the threat to drinking water for 40 million people posed by OPG’s planned nuclear waste dump near Kincardine, on the shore of Lake Huron. We changed our name to bring this threat to the attention of the millions of people who rely on the Great Lakes for fresh water through a coordinated campaign. 


We launched a new website. 

Our plans are on our new website, sosgreatlakes.org. You will be receiving updates and information going forward. We will launch a video, we will start a web-based fund-raising campaign and we will intensify our efforts with the governments of Ontario, Canada, the United States, Great Lakes states, and all municipalities in the Great Lakes basin on both sides of the border.  Please make sure you receive this information by putting our new name and email address in your address book:

SOS Great Lakes - info@sosgreatlakes.org


Let your voice be heard.

By taking a few simple steps, you can help to ensure our success.  Most important, we would like you to share our news.  To be successful we have to alert the millions of people who rely on the Great Lakes, that their drinking water is at risk.  That’s a tall order, but if you tell your friends, and they tell their friends and so on, we can do it. We will give you the tools to help you communicate this message.
Please let our voices be heard by sharing the information we give you, with your own network.
Your voice is more powerful than you think.

Please help us tell this important story by passing along this information to your friends and networks.  When I hit the send button on my email, I reach out to you, the 2,000 members who are committed to helping us achieve our goals.
When you share our information with your friends and networks, you reach out to 200,000 people who know you and trust you.  If they share our messages with their networks, some 20 million people will become aware of this issue. At that point, politicians on both sides of the border will be forced to listen to our concerns.
We can do this. You can do this. Please help us save the Great Lakes from nuclear waste.
Your lakes.  Your choice.


Jill Taylor
President, SOS Great Lakes