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 Rod McLeod, Director

 SOS Great Lakes


Yesterday, Canadians and Americans lost a fierce defender of the Great Lakes. We lost Rod McLeod, a mentor and director, whose voice has been heard by thousands on radio, at public hearings, in interviews, from the podium at Council Meetings and on the street. His written words reached countless advocates and opponents in ‘Rod’s Blogs’, in letters to politicians and in deputations. His views have been quoted in newspapers across the country. 


While we knew Rod for 6 short years we are forever grateful for his friendship, his fearlessness, and his endless belief and passion in standing up for what is right.


We know of no one who cared more for the Town of Southampton or the environment of the Great Lakes than Rod. For that reason, he was quick to speak up against the insane scheme to bury nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron near Kincardine, Ontario. Around that one issue, Rod dedicated the six final years of his life, utilizing his vast legal knowledge and his many contacts and friendships to educate, persuade and promote the need to keep the Great Lakes water drinkable and swimmable, a place to enjoy for all future generations, free of nuclear waste.


He brought an unparalleled background to our organization. His impressive professional career included being in senior provincial Government positions as Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Solicitor General and Deputy Minister of the Environment. He was a lawyer at the Crown and Chief Crown for the province, he had been in private practice in a leading environmental law firm. He advanced community legal initiatives. He was not only a leader in Canada’s legal system, but was actively involved at every level with health and social justice initiatives.


While Rod had many great achievements his family was, by far, most important to him. He was proud of them and cherished every opportunity he had to spend with them whether in Southampton, Toronto, Markham, Florida or holidaying in the Caribbean. 


Rod brought his force to every cause. We proudly worked with him at SOS Great Lakes, learned from his leadership and benefitted from his commitment to our cause. Rod, we will miss you and never forget.


Our thoughts are with Rod's family at this sad time.